Helping Women Heal After An Abortion

At Options for Women, we serve women who are contemplating abortion, as well as women who have previously had an abortion. As a medical clinic, we know that there are very real side effects women face after an abortion. Long after the physical effects fade away, many women are left with emotional scars that they struggle with.

If you have had an abortion, and struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, or depression, you are not alone. While many want women to believe that an abortion can be a “quick fix,” anyone who has had an abortion, or who has worked with post-abortive women know that is far from the truth.

Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic offers a program called “surrendering the Secret” to help women heal following an abortion. If you feel you have never been able to recover your emotional or spiritual health following your abortion, Surrendering the Secret can help.

This Bible based healing model is designed to help meet women where they are, and where they have been, and lead them to a better understanding of God’s plan for their lives. The study will help women understand their need for seeking peace with their past and heal, bringing hope and a sense of purpose for the future.

Many women hold onto the secret of their abortion, and along with that the emotional and spiritual pain they feel. Surrendering the Secret can help you heal from your heartbreak, in a safe place, with people who want to help you along your journey.

There are many ways women can be affected by an abortion. If you answer yes to any of the below, consider scheduling an appointment to discuss how Surrendering the Secret can help you:
• I don’t feel like I can discuss my abortion with anyone out of fear they won’t understand.
• There are details about the abortion I cannot recall.
• I have lost interested in things I used to enjoy since the abortion.
• I often feel irritable or angry.
• I have difficulty keeping relationships.
• I have used alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications regularly since the abortion.
• I find that I am repeating the same cycle of mistakes since the abortion.
• I avoid people, places and things that remind me of the abortion or that time in my life.

Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic is here to help you find the healing and hope that you need. All of our services, including the Surrendering the Secret program, are offered free of charge. If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, call us today at 863-393-6988.