Steps to Follow in Telling Others about your Pregnancy

STEP 1:  Prepare Yourself

  • Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it..  Make a list of the main points you want to talk about.  You might find by making this list it will help you think through your response to this pregnancy.  
  • Think about how this person(s) has reacted in the past and try to imagine how they will react to your news.  
  • Plan different responses and what you’ll say to each of them.

Take Deep Breaths and Remember You Don’t Have to Do Anything Right Away

STEP 2:  Decide How You’ll Break the News

  • There’s no right or wrong way to tell someone you’re pregnant.  Think about what way will be the best approach for that person.  For the father of the baby a heart to heart talk may be best but for your parents it may be in a letter or phone call.  
  • If you’ve decided to do it face to face you need to pick a time and place that will be good for everyone.  If you’re worried about the person getting angry a public location may be best but choose a location that will allow you to not be interrupted (a coffee shop or public park).
  • Consider having someone who you go to for support, a trusted friend/family member or the father of the baby.

How You Break the News is Your Decision, Make it the Best Way for You

STEP 3:  How to Respond/React 

  • If the person gets angry and starts shouting.  Respond back in your normal voice level and do not respond negatively back to them.
  • If they are very happy but you’re unsure of what you’ll do with the pregnancy, be honest with your feelings.
  • Have a place to go if the discussion seems to be escalating and everyone needs time to regroup.  Remove yourself from the situation and reach out later after everyone has had a chance to consider everything.

Remember your news is a shock to them too so give them time to adjust to the news

STEP 4:  Who or Where Can I Go to for Help?

Even after talking to family and friends, you may still have a host of questions yourself. At Options for Women, our trained staff and advocates work hard to help you answer all of those questions for yourself by providing you the information you may need to make informed decisions. But more than that, they are here to provide loving support – they will listen to you, comfort you, and offer the support you need to make the necessary decisions about your future.

If you believe you may be pregnant, or if you know you are pregnant but don’t know what to do next, call Options for Women.