I Don’t Have an STD, Do I?

If you are sexually active, but have not been tested for sexually transmitted diseases recently, it’s important that you schedule an appointment soon to be sure.

You may be thinking the following:

I don’t have any symptoms, and I would know if I had an STD.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. Many STDs can be present without you feeling any symptoms at all, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t damaging your body.

I’m confident in my partner.

Are you aware of your partner’s complete sexual history? Your partner’s sexual history can open you up to the risk of transmitting an STD. See for yourself (insert link to brochure)

I use condoms most of the time.

Most of the time does not provide all of the time protection. Even one instance of unprotected sex can result in an STD.

My last test was fine.

Unless you are tested regularly, you cannot go by old tests to ensure your future health, especially if you have multiple partners or are concerned your partner may have multiple partners.

There are very real consequences from having an untreated STD. Women who suffer from untreated chlamydia, for example, put themselves at risk for permanently damaging their reproductive health and even risk infertility. Untreated STDs can also negatively impact a woman during a pregnancy or abortion procedure. Read more here (link to previous blog on website).

If you are in a sexual relationship, the only way to ensure that you do not have a sexually transmitted disease is to be tested.

In Polk County alone, nearly 11 people are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease every day. And half of those being infected are young people ages 15-24.

Options for Women is much more than just a pregnancy help clinic. We also provide free and confidential STD testing for mebers of the community, and we partner with our local colleges to bring STD testing to college campuses.. Call or email today to schedule yours, 863-393-6988 or ofw@optionsforwomenphc.com.