Latest “Non-Invasive” Abortion Technique Claims to Be Natural


At Options for Women, we want to ensure that women are given the truth about all of the options facing them. When you receive a positive pregnancy test, and are unsure of what you should do, you need to be sure you’re visiting a clinic that has your best interest at heart, and that won’t hide the facts from you. And that means finding someplace that ensures women don’t get caught up in the propaganda abortion clinics use to describe their procedures.

Early Options, a clinic in New York, uses the tagline “early abortion and miscarriage: a revolutionary medical practice.” They attempt to explain that early abortion procedures are no different than a miscarriage.

They advertise a new procedure called SofTouch that they claim to be safe, easy and “natural.”

During the procedure, a doctor will insert a tube through the cervix and apply pressure that will result in an abortion. Their website claims that this pressure simply releases a late period and that it’s a natural release.

They compare the procedure to getting a yearly pap test, and claim it’s as quick and easy to end your unborn child’s life as it is to have a pap smear performed.

But we aren’t fooled. Abortion and miscarriage are not the same thing. Miscarriage occurs spontaneously – not by something we have chosen to do. Miscarriage is not a choice. Abortion is.

Clinics like this claim to provide comforting, gentle care to the women they serve. But abortion, no matter how quick the procedure, is never a comforting, gentle choice. It’s the choice to end a life, and no matter what the reasons; it should never be minimized or taken lightly.

Here are statements from the Early Options website:

“With the nonsurgical SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure, you can remove early pregnancy tissue in minutes.”

“You do not need to wait and worry about when the miscarriage will take place.”

“Pregnancy symptoms start to resolve immediately.”

“Emotionally, you can let go, and move forward with your life.”

Emotionally, you can let go…this might be one of the most dangerous statements we allow women to believe about abortion. Take the life of your unborn child today, but don’t worry, you won’t have to think of it again.

We frequently talk to women who have had one or more previous abortions. And they all tell us the same thing. Their bodies might have quickly recovered from the procedure, but they’re still wrestling with the emotions that accompany such a big decision.

Abortion isn’t “natural.” It isn’t quick and easy. And it shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly. The effects of a decision you make hastily or in a negative emotional state today could last a lifetime.

If you’re currently facing an unplanned pregnancy, let Options for Women help. We have caring staff that will lovingly help you discover all of the options available to you, and help you make the decision that is right for you.

No matter what you choose, our staff is here for you every step of the way. We promise you won’t leave our office feeling alone.

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