New Bill Aims to Protect Women

A new bill has been introduced in the Florida Senate by Senator Kelli Stargel that seeks to protect women who have been injured during an abortion procedure.

Senate bill 1140, which has a companion bill in the Florida House, states:
“A woman who suffers injury or death as a result of an abortion, or who suffers emotional distress as a result of a physician’s failure to obtain the informed consent as required by s. 390.0111, has a cause of action for damages against the physician who performed the abortion or failed to provide the statutorily required informed consent.”

In Florida, the current statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice suit against a physician is two years. Senator Stargel believes this should be extended for physicians performing abortions, giving a woman up to 10 years to seek damages.

“If you have an abortion when you’re a younger girl, you don’t know that there’s been any damage or that there have been any problems until later down the road,” says Stargel.

We believe this is a great step in protecting the health and well-being of women in our state. Senator Stargel is correct that there can be very real and very dangerous risks associated with an abortion. And should an error be made during the procedure, that is not known to the woman until years later, she should have the ability to damages.

At Options for Women, one of our primary goals is to provide women with all of the information they need to make a completely informed decision. And part of that is discussing the abortion procedure, and the very real risks and side-effects associated.

Depending on the type of abortion procedure performed, risks and side-effects can include:
• Cramping
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Heavy bleeding
• Infection
Less frequent side effects include:
• Possible heavy or prolonged bleeding
• Blood clots
• Damage to the cervix
• Perforation of the uterus
• Infection due to retained products of conception
• Infection caused by a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or bacteria being introduced to the uterus, causing fever, pain, abdominal tenderness and possibly scarring

“At Options for Women, we want the very best for the women in our community,” says Marilyn Paul, Executive Director. “And that means we believe women need to know all of the possible risks and side-effects that can come after an abortion, and that they know, should something happen during the procedure, they have a course of action to seek help down the road. We support Senator Stargel and her efforts to help women who may be negatively affected by an abortion.”

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And for women who have already had an abortion, but are struggling with the emotional effects, Options for Women offers a post-abortion healing program. Surrendering the Secret is a free, post-abortion program that helps women find healing, freedom and hope following an abortion. To learn more about the program, call our office today.