Thinking Adoption?
When facing an unplanned pregnancy there are many things to consider, including adoption. Placing for adoption is a very loving, but difficult decision.  There are many things you must consider to make the best decision for you.  Here are some important questions you should ask yourself.

Questions and Answers About Adoption:

How can adoption be good for me?
If you are not ready to be a parent, choosing adoption is something to consider.  You have control by selecting a stable, loving family. At birth, you have the option for immediate release or to spend time before you do. If you so choose, you can get progress updates while you continue your education and career goals. Adoption is a selfless decision, you can be proud of.

Can I choose the family?
Yes! With most adoption agencies you can choose a family friend, acquaintance or someone who has been recommended to you, even someone in another state. Or you can choose from couples screened by your agency who have been waiting to become parents.

How much contact can I have after adoption?
We touched on that a little bit, but you may have as much contact at the hospital that is comfortable for you. In most places, you can choose an open adoption that allows for ongoing visits, or you can choose a less open adoption in which your updates come through letters and pictures arranged through your agency. Adoptive families respect whatever you decide.

Does the father have any rights?
The birth father’s rights are equal to yours. If you disagree on adoption or you no longer have a relationship with him, your agency will work with the court to determine if his rights can be terminated.

Do I need an attorney or do I pay my agency to assist me with the adoption?
You do not need an attorney, and there are no costs to you. Your adoption agency handles all legal details on your behalf. Most important, your agency knows your decision was not an easy one to make and will continue to be available to you if you so choose.

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