If you choose to continue your pregnancy, it is important that you receive proper prenatal care to ensure your health and the health of your unborn baby. Options for Women will provide you with a referral list of OB-GYN and midwife options for you to choose from. We can also assist you with filing for Medicaid or WIC, if needed.

Prenatal Care Visits

  • At your first appointment, you will meet your doctor or midwife to review your health history. You will be asked questions about your and your partner’s health. (An Options for Women patient advocate can provide you with a list of providers in our community who can provide prenatal care during your pregnancy.)
  • Make sure you know the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). This date will be used to determine your due date. If you’re not sure of your LMP , other methods can determine your due date as well.
  • At each doctor’s visit you will have your weight, blood pressure and urine checked. At the first visit you may have an internal exam done to check for any problems. The doctor will also check the size of your womb to be sure you have the right due date.
  • Routine tests will be performed during your pregnancy to rule out other complications.
  • It is normal to visit your health care provider once a month during the first 7 months, twice during the 8th month, and then weekly until your baby is born.
  • Each of these visits to your health care provider gives you the opportunity to discuss the normal changes you go through during pregnancy and allows you the chance to share your feelings and concerns as you prepare for your baby.

Self Care During Pregnancyinformation on prenatal care

  • Take prenatal vitamins
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
    • Small frequent meals
    • Crackers at bedtime
    • Crackers in the morning
  • Do not try to lose weight during your pregnancy
  • Take plenty of calcium
    • Milk
    • Cheese
    • Yogurt
    • Fortified juices
  • Take plenty of iron
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Try to quit smoking
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Do not take any medications unless otherwise directed by your doctor

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