Post-Abortion Counseling at Options for Women

About 1/3 of women in America have had an abortion. Many don’t talk about it because they find it difficult to deal with the emotional aftermath and are worried how others, including family and friends, will see them. This silence can cause pain and impact a woman’s life. Options for Women offers a post-abortion program called “Surrendering the Secret,” which can help any woman, no matter how long ago their abortion happened. 

This program is designed to help women find peace after an abortion. During the 8 week program facilitators meet with women in an honest, confidential and caring setting. The program involves an intensive interactive process which uses meaningful group or one on one exercises, unique journaling exercises and honest conversation to help empower women find their own personal path to healing.

If you or someone you know may be struggling with feelings from a past abortion, Surrendering the Secret can help. This post-abortion counseling program is offered for free at our main clinic located in Lakeland, FL. Call Options for Women today at 863-393-6988 or email