Post Abortion Healing

In America today, nearly one third of women have had an abortion. But many of these women do not discuss their experiences because they may have difficulties processing the thoughts and emotions that accompany the memory. They may also worry about how others will view them, especially in their families, churches and other close relationships. This can lead to silent suffering that can impact a woman’s life.

Surrendering the Secret is a powerful program, designed to empower and heal women who have had an abortion.

Women who have had an abortion may be experiencing shame, regret, guilt and other emotions, but feel as though they have no one they can discuss these emotions with. If you have had an abortion at any point in your life, and you experience any of these feelings, it is important to know that you are not alone and that Surrendering the Secret can help.

The study is designed around a biblical model to help women seek peace for their pasts, and move forward with an understanding of God’s plan in their lives. During the program, facilitators meet women where they currently are emotionally and spiritually, and work to help women understand the role God plays in their lives and the hope God has in their futures.


Surrendering the Secret is designed to be supportive and confidential, providing an environment that promotes healing and provides hope and understanding for the future. It is designed to help women who have had an abortion at any point in their past, no matter how long ago it may have been.

If you or someone you know may be struggling with feelings from a past abortion, Surrendering the Secret can help. Call Options for Women today at 863-393-6988 or email Debbie at