Pregnant and considering an abortion?

Are you pregnant and considering an abortion? Here’s what you need to know to make your appointment today. 

Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic (OFW) is a licensed medical clinic and a trusted health care advocate for your reproductive health. Women seeking abortion in the state of Florida are first required to receive a confirmation of pregnancy with an ultrasound and provided information regarding abortion procedures. 

While some locations offer these services, they charge $300 for the pre-termination evaluation with additional costs for proceeding services. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier for you to get the information you need when faced with this difficult decision. Our services at OFW are FREE and provide you with everything you need for your pre-termination evaluation.

Here is what’s included in your FREE pre-termination evaluation:

  • A pregnancy test and help you determine how far along you are in the pregnancy.
  • An ultrasound (for those with a positive pregnancy test and qualify). The ultrasound helps us confirm if your pregnancy is viable and to see how far a long you actually are.
  • An initial consultation to discuss your options and to help you ensure there are no medical risks associated with the pregnancy (such as an ectopic pregnancy).
  • STD testing for your reproductive health.

It’s important to know your options available to you when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Options for Women is here to help. Schedule your free, confidential appointment today by calling 863-393-6988. 

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