Options for Women offers Free Pregnancy Confirmation via Ultrasound from our medical experts.

Having an ultrasound is important for several reasons which are listed below. You can click the button below to book your appointment where we can find out together if an ultrasound is the best next step for you. 

Questions and Answers About an ultrasound:

Below are some answers to questions that we receive about our ultrasounds. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to meeting you soon!

First, you need to know if you are really pregnant. Pregnancy tests can sometimes show false results. Free pregnancy confirmation is available at Options for Women by ultrasound. At your first appointment, our nurses will determine if you meet the criteria for an ultrasound.

Second, you need to know how far along you are. This is important to ensure you receive the care you need. But it is also important if you are planning to have an abortion.

An ultrasound confirms if you truly are pregnant.  Thirty three percent of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. Therefore, the best way to confirm a viable pregnancy is through an ultrasound. Additionally, how far along the pregnancy is can be determined by ultrasound.   This will then determine the type of abortion that is available to you. If you are less than 6 weeks pregnant, you may be eligible for a medical/chemical abortion which usually does not require a surgical procedure.

It’s a simple and painless procedure that uses sound waves to see and measure the fetus. Ultrasounds will produce an x-ray looking picture of the baby and will be able to determine approximately how far along you are in your pregnancy.

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