What Is Choice?

What is choice? The definition of choice is, “An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.”

Some people may be shocked by this, but Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic actually believes that every woman has a choice of what to do with her unplanned pregnancy, unlike the abortion clinics in Lakeland. In an appointment she can ask any questions regarding all of her choices. Options for Women PHC offers community resources available to her, and information on parenting, adoption or abortion. After reviewing all of her pregnancy options, sometimes she does choose abortion. When this happens, we remain supportive of the woman. Our doors will always be open to her, and sometimes she returns to find healing through post-abortive counseling such as participating in a “Surrendering the Secret” study.

Abortion clinics in Lakeland and Planned Parenthood pride themselves on the word “choice.” But it makes us question, how many choices are these women given? From what our patients and their website say, these women are given one option only – abortion. Not choices. If she decides to parent she is not offered referrals or prenatal care, adoption is not often discussed and patients are encouraged to make an abortion plan immediately after finding out they are pregnant or their cost will be higher if they wait.

Options for Women PHC does not have fences or escorts at our locations. Why? Because this is truly a patient’s choice. She can freely come and freely go – in her own time – at her own pace. She receives information on all of her pregnancy choices: abortion, parenting and adoption. Each patient is empowered to make her choice free from high pressure sales tactics and judgement. At Options for Women PHC, women can come with a friend, significant other, or family…whoever they want to bring for emotional support. They are even allowed to bring their phone into the facility but are asked not to use it during the appointment. If a woman feels the need to reach out to someone she has her own means to do so.

On the other hand, the Lakeland abortion clinic is surrounded by a high fence, and has escorts who meet the patients at their cars to walk them to the door so they don’t have time to think or change their mind from what a “Pro-Choice clinic” offers her – abortion. Once inside, they do not allow the woman to bring a friend, significant other or family members to join her for emotional support. She is asked to leave her purse and phone outside so she has no means of contacting anyone without their permission or knowledge.

We recommend that no matter where you go, be it Options for Women, Planned Parenthood or the Lakeland abortion clinic, ask questions before scheduling an appointment. Take the time to fully know what the clinic you choose has to offer. An example of questions to ask is: Does their medical doctor have hospital privileges? Can I bring my friend? Will they get to go into my appointment with me?

An unplanned pregnancy can leave you frozen in your tracks, we know. But at this pivotal moment, consider the word “choice” and find a clinic that lets you freely come, and freely go, and that will empower and educate you, so that you can confidently make your choice.