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At Options for Women, we provide you with all the information you need about your pregnancy options. Giving you the facts empowers you to make an informed decision about your future.

First, review the questions below.

Are you Really Pregnant?

25% of pregnancies end on their own. A positive pregnancy test cannot medically confirm that you are pregnant. In order to confirm you have a viable pregnancy, an ultrasound exam needs be performed.

How far along are you?

Know exactly how far along you are, determines what type of abortion procedure you could get and how much it will cost you. This is done using an ultrasound exam

Is it important to know if you have a (STI)?

Yes. Having an untreated STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) prior to an abortion procedure puts your future reproductive health at risk due to an increased risk of infection and other complications.

Free Services

At no charge to you

Your three pregnancy options to consider: abortion, parenting or adoption.

On your first visit with us, we will discuss each of these options.

Information is power. We want you to be fully informed of all your choices, so that you can walk in confidence about whatever decision you make. 

Abortion Information

Abortion is a choice, and often what women feel is their best or only choice when facing an unexpected pregnancy. We acknowledge this choice, but we want to make sure that women understand and have a chance to explore their options during an unplanned pregnancy. We are pro-woman and will get you the answers you need to make the decision best for you. Our staff will provide you with facts about abortion, parenting and adoption, as well as provide the important medical testing you need, all free of charge.

If you think you may be pregnant, the first step is a medical consultation and diagnosis. We offer a FREE pre-termination evaluation that includes a confirmation of pregnancy by our experienced and licensed medical team.

Adoption Information

Making an adoption plan is a difficult decision, but it can be the best option for many women facing an unexpected pregnancy who are not ready to take care of a child on their own for whatever reasons.

Adoption can bring something beautiful and unique out of a difficult situation. We completely understand that this is not an easy decision to make and only you know if this is the best option for both your future and your child’s future.

Parenting Information

The idea of parenting can be frightening to many because it is no longer just yourself that you have to be concerned about. In fact, every option for your pregnancy moving forward is a major decision. However, you might be surprised at the community assistance that is available to you if you choose to parent. Let us help you weigh this important option against the others, while providing you with all the information, tools and resources available. 

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