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Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a scary time. Because we want the best for you, we provide information on all of your pregnancy options free of charge so that you can make an informed choice. ¡Hablamos español!

Abortion Information

Abortion is a choice, and often what women feel is their best or only choice when facing an unexpected pregnancy. We acknowledge this choice, but we want to make sure that women understand and have a chance to explore their options during an unplanned pregnancy. We are pro-woman and will get you the answers you need to make the decision best for you. Our staff will provide you with facts about abortion, parenting and adoption, as well as provide the important medical testing you need, all free of charge.

If you think you may be pregnant, the first step is a medical consultation and diagnosis. We offer a FREE pre-termination evaluation that includes a confirmation of pregnancy by our experienced and licensed medical team.

pregnancy Testing

You’ve missed your period. Purchasing a pregnancy test is probably your next step. But are home pregnancy tests as accurate as they claim? Options for Women provides free pregnancy testing to confirm pregnancy.

Each brand of pregnancy test varies in the sensitivity of how much hCG is needed to trigger a positive result. For best results, (in most cases) it’s best to wait one week after missing a period before taking a home pregnancy test.  Since each brand of home pregnancy test varies, make sure that you read the specific instructions for how to conduct the test to how the results are to be interpreted.

Ultrasound Exam

Having an ultrasound is important for several reasons. First, you need to know if you are really pregnant. Pregnancy tests can sometimes show false results. Free pregnancy confirmation is available at Options for Women by ultrasound. At your first appointment, our nurses will determine if you meet the criteria for an ultrasound.

Second, you need to know how far along you are. This is important to ensure you receive the care you need. But it is also important if you are planning to have an abortion.


It is important to know if you have a Sexually Transmitted Infection when considering your pregnancy options. Treatment for an STI (formerly known as STD) should begin as soon as possible. But if you are considering having an abortion, you MUST receive treatment prior to having the abortion.

Options for Women is pleased to now offer free Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and Syphilis testing to men and women in our community. It is estimated that over 21,000 people living in Florida may be living with HIV but be unaware of their status.

Women's Wellness exams

Are you a woman over the age of 18, without Medicaid or health insurance, who hasn’t had a woman’s wellness checkup in the last year? You may qualify today for a FREE voucher for the following services, if eligible: 

Pap smear, Lab testing, STI testing, Breast Exam, Flu Shot, Tetanus Shot.

Call 863-393-6988 today for your FREE wellness consultation to determine if you are eligible for your FREE exam. All appointments are free and confidential.

community Referrals

We have a friendly staff and a confidential helpline to answer any questions you might have.

If you are in need of assistance outside of the services we have listed give our office a call. If possible we would be happy to refer you to someone who can help.

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