Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect May 1, Here’s What You Need To Know

As of May 1, the new 6-week abortion law will go into effect, and Options for Women will continue to provide pre-abortion care to our patients. We know there is a lot of fear and miscommunication surrounding this new law. Let’s get the facts straight. The law prohibits abortions after six weeks gestation, with exceptions for women who are victims of rape, incest, human trafficking, or whose baby has a diagnosis of a fatal fetal abnormality. The most effective way to confirm the gestational age of your pregnancy is to have an ultrasound. At Options for Women, we offer free, early ultrasounds to determine how far along you are.

Women’s Health Matters

Options for Women offers a FREE women's wellness exam specifically targeted to help ensure women’s reproductive health.

How to Help a Friend Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary and confusing time, and even more so if a woman feels like she doesn’t have any support while she’s facing important decisions. If you have someone in your life currently facing an unplanned pregnancy, these tips can help you provide support and love.

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Post-Abortion Counseling

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